20 Facts of Telesales Every Telemarketer Should Be Aware Of

1. It's estimated in any telesales about 75% of people will only respond well is because of your voice and only 25% due to the words or phrases you use - so work on your voice - make it sound appealing and pleasing. Always smile when you're talking as it will put a smile in your voice.

2. Prepare your expectations in any telesales... 50% will not respond in any circumstances, 30% will be pleased to take the call and chat to you and the remaining 20% are the ones with whom the skilled telesales person will make the difference.

3. It may take up to seven calls before any decision to buy or accept an appointment is likely to happen in any telesales.

4. Use a prepared telesales script that has been proven to be effective before. This will save you a lot of time and will has a better result. The telesales script needs to be clear, concise, conversational, forceful and convincing.

5. Always plan your call such that it takes within a minute to arouse their interest.

6. For better result, always address their name when engage in any telesales.

7. Tell your prospects why you make such a call as quickly as possible. Don't wait, it's better to let them know what you're calling.

8. Listen and talk less. In any telesales call, it'll only be effective if they talk for 70% of the time and you for 30%. Pause regularly. Don't cut in but allow your prospect to fill the silence. Ensure that they know you are listening... use "yes"," I see", "I understand" etc.

9. Make sure your list is up to date and you're talking to the right person.

10. Make sure you ask if he or she is free to talk. "Is this the right time to speak?" If it is not the right timing, try and make an appointment instead or call back at another time.

11. Talk on the benefit instead of features of your product or services in your telesales call.

12. Listen carefully and take down essential notes. In any telesales call, it'll only be effective if they talk 70% of the time. You should not talk more than 30% in any telesales. Pause frequently. Don't interrupt and allow your prospect to finish the sentence. Let them know that you are listening... use "I see", "I understand" etc.

13. Getting to the point directly is much more effective instead of trying to engage people in a long call.

14. Target the person who could make decision and if possible find out how decisions are made. Who else is involved in the decision making that you need to talk to?

15. Ask for permission if he or she would like to answer some questions. "In order to see if what we have to offer will be useful and benefit to you, may I ask you a few simple questions?"

16. For better result, use active verbs and eliminate unnecessary expressions.

17. If you run into someone on the phone that is annoyed, don't interrupt but let them voice out their anger instead. Find out what's his or her problem and it'll help your telesales if you could solve their problem.

18. Learn to tackle any objections... "Do you have any doubts or question?", "I understand why you feel that way... 'ABC Company' felt the way just like you before...but now they're our very satisfied customer".

19. It is almost impossible to close a sale in every telesales mainly by just talking on the phone. You should always try and make an appointment to follow up in any telesales. People will only buy when meet face to face.

20. Keep record of your results for both success and failure of any of your telesales call for future reference.