Cold Calling Tip to Keep Your Telesales and Appointment Setting Calls Buzzing With Enthusiasm

Use this simple cold calling tip and no matter how many telesales and appointment setting calls you make each one will sound as fresh and lively as the first call of the day.

When I work with sales people on improving their cold calling techniques I often hear them start with great enthusiasm. They're motivated and this positivity comes through in their voice, their tone, and the words that they use. On these first few calls the sales people are able to think quickly and use their telesales skills effectively. They are on top of their game and this energy is used to make each call a unique conversation.

As more calls are made this energy level starts to drop. You can see the change in body language as heads start to drop downwards as the sales people look down at their screen or their calling list. There is less animation and gesticulation. Posture slowly shifts from upright and attentive to sitting back and eventually slumped.

The voice is connected to the body and as the physiology changes so does the voice tone. The lively and friendly conversations drift into a monotoned repetitive sales pitch. The slowing of blood supply to the brain means that the resources such as telesales skills, replies based on experience, and learned product knowledge, are not accessed as well s they were on earlier calls. Results decrease, objections are no longer dealt with effectively, and telesales and appointment calls become a boring routine.

Keep your cold calls hot

To keep your cold calls hot, interesting, and buzzing with enthusiasm, there are some practical tips that you can use that will keep you playing from a 10. Here's one of those practical telesales tips. This one tip on its own will make a big difference to your calls and your results. Try it out and then add the other techniques to make cold calling fun, and profitable.

Make as many great calls as you want

So how can you make as many telesales or sales appointment calls as you want and make the last calls as effective as the first. How do you keep your motivation levels high, your energy buzzing, and be able to access all your sales skills and product knowledge.

The answer is: To make 10 calls at a time and then take a 2 minute break.

Yes, I know it sounds simple, the best sales techniques always are, but here's why it works so well. You make 10 calls and stop. A call is where you get through to someone and have a conversation, not voice mail. You put everything into the 10 calls. Your best motivation levels, enthusiastic tone, and your very best telesales techniques. Then you stop, take break, get up and move around, assess how you did and give yourself some feedback. Then make another 10 calls. Use the feedback you gave to yourself and aim for more success than you had on the 10 previous calls.

This cold calling technique keeps you fresh on each call. You know when your 2 minute break is coming so you don't slide into a slouched physiology or a bored voice tone. Because you are only taking a 2 minute break you cannot get distracted from your task. Instead of staring at a list of 100 hundred prospects you are seeing 10 lots of 10 calls. You can keep motivated, play from a 10, use your telesales and appointment setting skills, and best of all you will enjoy making cold calls and the success that will bring you.