The Key to Successful Telesales Calling

Selling by phone is tough. Persuading a potential consumer to buy a product over the phone is not a simple task. Your customer doesn't know you personally and they can't see your face physically either, so there are really no guarantees for them to know whether what you are telling them is the accurate truth, or just sugar-coated fibs. You must be able to build rapport and acquire your client's trust in just a short span of time. Which is where telemarketing and cold calling techniques come into play.

To handle this effectively, preparation ahead of time is the key. If you are working as a telesales person, it is crucial for you to be prepared in order to successfully sell your product. Follow the tips below to know why it is important to be prepared in the telesales game of life...

1. Remember that you are there to provide clients information about what you are selling.

It is likely that they will ask questions about your product so it is important to be prepared and learn every detail with what your product can do. You have NO RIGHT getting on the phone if you do not know every single little detail about what you are selling. Period.

2. Trust in what you are selling.

Know how your product or service will benefit your customers and sell the hell out of these benefits. People have problems. They need solutions. Present the benefits, and help your prospect to 'feel' the need to buy from you. Remember, people will genuinely believe their own ideas and concepts before anyone else's, so work hard on your present of benefits - it will help close the sale or you.

3. Know who your company's competitors are.

This is really important because you will only know if your product or the service you are giving is outstanding by comparing it with your competitor's product and services. This goes back to being prepared, as with most things on a successful telesales call.

4. Prepare (there's that word again!) an interesting, factual and concise telesales script.

If you're involved in B2B telesales, like most people reading this article, then realize and understand that the majority of the decision makers you're talking too are busy people. Because of that, cut out the crap and leave nothing but the juicy stuff. Don't just talk for the sake of talking - no need. Get focused and get concise - people will appreciate it.

5. Last, but not least, knowing what objections you'll be coming up against and be ready with your rebuttals to counter them.

This is something that a lot of newbies to the telesales role dont do, and they probably lose good quality customers and the sales that go with them, because of this fact. I used to systematically test new pitches on 'weak' prospects, before calling the big boys. This way you get the chance to have lots and lots of objections thrown at you. And because of this you can record them and create solid rebuttals to overcome them.